Sunday, December 23, 2012

1880s Book Dress -- Sheer and Utter Panic

I have no photos at this time but can tell you that after getting "go to the hospital" kind of ill, I am way behind in my sewing.  Fitting problems, fabric problems, marks I can't get rid of, and sleeves I haven't begun to set let alone 20 or sew buttons that are not close to being button-holed....and we are five days away from showtime.

If ever I wish there were Cinderella like fairies who could come and finish me a pretty pretty gown now is the time to be wishing hard.  I have a backup but I've worn it a few times and this was supposed to be "the Tea gown."  I am thinking that the rest of this will be quick and dirty - the bodice inside is ugly and a mess.  Jr. High home EC class would give me failing grades for workmanship...but it's only costume...right?

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