Monday, December 3, 2012

1880s Book Dress -- Fabric Crisis!!!

I have hit the dreaded "oh no!" point (actually this initially included an expletive, but I'm trying to keep this a family show...) today.  I have a finite amount of blue velvet fabric.  I thought that it would be enough forgetting that bustled gowns take oodles of fabric when you factor in draping and whatnot....

No amount of fiddling or faddling will fix this.  There is no more fabric to go back and get. I am short on material and no fabric stretching trick will fix this.  I underestimated the amount of fabric to do the front overskirt swag.  Which leaves me with significantly less fabric to make the red and blue striped panel to go over the bustle.  I thought I could just "whip up the skirt" easily but now with the lack of fabric this has become much more challenging.  Big sad smiley face! :-(


  1. Well that is sucky isn't it! Your supplier can't give you their distributor to see if a shop somewhere in Outer Mongolia still has some left???

  2. Sadly, even if I did find more of it the odds that the dye lot would match are slim and without the dye lot number on my end there is no matching the fabric. The joys of not planning projects well...arrrgh....