Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1880s Book Dress - 19 Bad Button Holes and Buttons

I may not yet have sleeves, but I have 19 poorly done button holes and 19 hand sewn buttons.  I have no clue whether this will be easy to put on, I need to baste the lapels down and do something about a fixture on the inside of the bottom point so it won't spread....but the collar is done after two tries, the lapels are in and although my button hole dohicky on my machine didn't want to work I was able to eek 19 bad button holes out of it.  Unfortunately I spent a lot of time doing hand repair work....but they are DONE!

Tomorrow sleeves, 3/4 blue with the red trim on the cuff.  I probably wont get to trim out the white lace on the collar and cuffs, but the skirt needs to be tacked together and sometime in the next 48 ish hours a hat has to be made as well....all that comes to mind are expletives... I will do a mock up of a sleeve then the one go I will be able to make since there is barely enough fabric for the sleeves.

...and then if I get up on 6 am on Saturday to sew I may get this done.

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