Monday, October 29, 2012

Steampunk Halloween!

Well this was a crazy sprint to a Halloween costume.  I used a Truly Victorian pattern to use the bottom of the pattern to make a overskirt.  I added antiqued jump rings and steampunk findings to make it interesting.

I also bought welding goggles from a welding supply shop then painted them with craft paint which really isn't the right paint but I used a matte sealer to make sure the paint doesn't paint chip off. Here some photos, the costume theme was vampiric steampunk:

The waist cincher was way too big.  I will try to rework it and add a correct from busk while cutting down a few of the side panels.  I can get quite a bit of reduction but this wasn't going to do it for me.
Here are the finished goggles, below is exactly what they looked like new:

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