Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soiled Doves or Victorian Show Girls -- a Little of Both? What do you think?

This was the final score in my little thrift boutique treasure hunt.  This is the first cabinet card of this kind that I have ever owned.  Everyone else is always so proper in their photos.

I looked up the studio but couldn't find any reference to it.  The address in San Francisco is now the International Art Museum of America, but the original building at that address was destroyed in the SF 1906 and rebuilt in 1907 but then redone agai.

Who are these women with ankles and striped stockings showing?  Matching polished cotton petticoats, with fancy shirtwaists that are a little sheer.  They look to be wearing corsets, have pompoms around the bottom of their vests, and coins sewn onto the collar of their shirts.  They have their hair out.  And it is making me crazy that I can't tell what the standing one is holding in her left hand.

I'm thinking they are some sort of stage act, and I can't quite pin down the year, although I'd say it was maybe mid 1880s if I were to guess.  What do you think?

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