Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh What a Haul!

Ok, it is only a tiny haul but I'm so excited to share.  I will post photos later but I found some wonderful bits on Saturday.  I had a few rare hours alone to run some errands and thought I'd stop off at an annual pumpkin boutique put on by one of the local thrift shops.

I was disappointed as I walked around as many things were antique store priced.  I did find a few interesting and very inexpensive bits randomly as I walked (and dug) through bins.  Then as I walked around with my treasures I heard an announcement that it was now 1/2 price time! Whoo hoo! I was able to find three great photos, one early 1870s or maybe late 1860s of a great gown, a postcard from San Francisco of what I figure are "professional" women or stage actresses/chorus girls from the 1880s, and a fab early 1860s head shot of a woman with a hat that turned out to not be a paper photo but possibly a tin type.  I also was able to get a wonderful petticoat that is in great condition for about the price of a venti latte, and two (what I believe to be) 1860s fashion prints professionally framed from a shop in Oakland (according to the stickers on the back). Photos soon....I promise.

Update 10/14:

 Here are the two fashion plates.  Unfortunately, when they were framed the dates were covered up.  Since they were professionally framed in Oakland before 1960, I am not going to take them apart at this point to see the dates - safely assume 1860s.  The shop that framed them is no longer in existence but the family who owned the shop was heavily into the arts/antiques/galleries from what I can tell via Google searches.

 Then this photo which is on paper glued to a large oval which has a nondescript photo of a little boy on the other side, was another super bargain bin find.  There is writing in pencil that says" Mrs. J.M. Miller....something I can't read....and 65.   1865 would be fairly correct if one was looking at her clothing:

My latte priced petticoat is really interesting.  I was tickled that there are no holes or stains, and the four glass buttons are probably original, however, it has so many alterations to it I can hardly tell what is going on.  It was shortened by adding a tuck in two places, then above the eyelet there is another band of fabric basted on, but what is really interesting to me is the opening.  None of my other antique petticoats button in the front.  It looks like the petticoat was adjusted to fit over a rump pad or even a small bustle.  there is a dart in the center back that was put in as well as a horizontal tuck mid tush, with small gathers right below it.  I just am puzzled about this....what do you think?

Tintype beauty -- I was so thrilled, when I took this out of the baggie it was in I discovered it was a tintype!  Sadly the paper jacket is torn and stuck to the tintype as well.  The picture is so clear, and she is so beautiful -- dark hair, light eyes, and an amazingly fab hat.  It was the hat that caught my attention.  However, when I photographed the tintype I realized her bodice had such wonderful embroidery on added bonus.  The large hoop earring is also something that we might not think as fashionable, but this beautiful woman was fabulously put together!

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