Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewer's Block....ugh...

I cannot! I will not! No!..There is nothing left in me...

Has this ever happened to you? I think that I am deeply in the throws of it...sewers block.  I believe it began with the  Evil Yellow Dress Project....I was....hmm....just not that inspired.

I am sewing at the moment, but I'm not SEWING.  From time to time I am asked to do children's costumes.  I'm working on a Brave dress.  It is easy, boring yet time consuming.  I was inspired by the book dress, and now I'm not.  Halloween is coming up and my general belief is that it should be a national holiday.  We should have the day off to prepare our costumes and the following day to recover from our reveling.  This year I have made nothing novel, and am staring at various fabrics and patterns completely unmotivated.  Nothing in the costume closet sparks enough enthusiasm to even purchase a Halloween event ticket.  Bla!

How do I get my mojo back?  Any suggestions?


  1. Seriously I alwyas get that problem of no motivation.Sometimes it's hard to come back but what work for me it's to start a project I really want to do and make it the number 1 to do.A time of no sewing at all to change your mind is good too.You will be back on the track with more idea.
    I hope it will help

  2. I always get sewing block! On every single project, unless it's one of those rare ones I knock out in three or four days. If it's during the project, I usually let myself do an easier, or mindless, task, like making trim I know I'll need later, or doing button holes or something like.

    Sometimes starting little projects will spur a bigger one. Making an embroidered pocket or a coif or even repairing/resizing old costumes will remind me that I really do love sewing, and then I'll be inspired to make an entire new ensemble. Of couse, sometimes this results in having 4 or 5 different projects all at once, but it certainly does kick the inspiration back in!