Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Steampunk Halloween in 2.5 days - Arrrrgh....

I finished the corselet and am annoyed beyond belief.  This really wasn't the end all be all but I did want to do some pretty serious waist reduction.  Given the sizing on the pattern this should have been 4" smaller than my waist.  When I cut the muslin it was HUGE! (see prev post).  I then took a ton off the the edges and it still ended up being too big.  I can lace all the way closed (see partially closed back pic).  I am telling myself it is just a Halloween costume, but I'm disappointed because I know the look I wanted was easily achievable but didn't happen.....grrr....

I used a front flap because I used hooks and eyes and not a real corset busk.  I didn't have time to get one because I wasn't planning to sew and this was "just" a Halloween costume.  I will order a real busk and probably rework this so I can get a more reduction from it.

Construction note:  this project required the teflon foot and leather needles which made everything work beautifully.  However when I went to set the corset grommets the punch I use to prepunch holes didn't like the fabric at all and kept jamming and sticking.  Thankfully I got my trusty awl out and that helped.

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