Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Aunt Inez's Dress; Circa 1925" - Reinventing a 1920s Evening Gown aka THE AUNT INEZ DRESS PROJECT

"Aunt Inez's Dress;  Circa 1925" was written in fountain pen on the label holding the tissue paper shut when I received this dress.  One of those rare Ebay finds where I was able to buy the dress for pennies on the dollar compared to what similar quality dresses were going for.  Not sure if this had to do with it being black or the moon was full.  Either way I didn't care -- I needed a dress for THE PARTY.  In October my friends are being married and having a seriously swanky reception themed on the movie "Midnight in Paris."

The invitation reads:  "A theme celebration in honor of the newlyweds inspired by the movie "Midnight in Paris," that will take you back to the glorious age of Paris in the 1920s.  Please dress in French inspired couture from your "Golden Era."

I now begin the AUNT INEZ DRESS PROJECT...I also scored a great pair of shoes that will be awesome once I will dye the suede a soft black.  The shoes are great but I need them black to go with the dress.  Another under cheap find on Ebay!  Sometimes shopping karma is good...sometimes not, and sometimes it is awesome!!

Here are the shoes, and I will blog details about about the dress soon:

Here is Aunty's dress on the Ebay add:

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