Friday, January 27, 2012

Edwardian Skivvies....naughty naughty naughty....not really....

So what does one wear under an Edwardian dress?  This one piece undie set is made out of cotton and cotton eyelet lace.  It is all machine embroidered but the button holes are hand done as is the crochet lace around the arm holes.  The buttons are tiny little shell buttons.  The bottoms are crotchless so to speak...basically short split bloomers or really more like split tap pants. Three tiny buttons on top then a big gap and one tiny button around the pelvic bone.  Sadly this needs some restoration and there is a hole in the tushy that is too big to be darned.  The material is very frail back there.  It fits snugly but perfectly with the corset.  Need mending at the one shoulder but for underwear that is probably 100 year old it is still in good form.  And yes...this is me in my underwear....Victoria's Secret eat your heart!
Skivvies with the new corset.

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