Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still Working on the Damn Corset...yah I said "damn".....

For those of you who sew projects like this you know that sometimes bad words just slip out.....I'm just not happy about this, and am still staring at this wondering what the heck to time to make another...I have the dress to make and another huge project that I'm obligated no way is there time....or is there?

Here is a photo of mine and from the fabulously talented seamstress from bridgesonthebody:

Her beautiful perfect.

Earlier the same day (01/22/12)

Well, I'm almost done with my corset and am not too happy with it.  I skimped and hurried and didn't order coutil and am paying for it bc the twill I used just has too much give...serves me right.  The other issue is that I seem to be squishier than I expected to be, and I can get the corset all the way closed without quite getting the look I had hoped for.  Also the stays in front are too long.  I realized too late that I can't sit with the long stays, so they need to be cut down.  Of course I read this at bridgesonthebody blogspot after I had already purchased the longer front stays.

I used two layers of pink twill and a layer of white printed cotton fabric.  The white fabric is a bit sheer and the pink gives a pink glow through the white fabric.  I will have to find garter clips that I like -- sadly the wide vintage looking one are no where to be found (except in black).

I ordered my busk and stays from, I've put their link in my favorite, they were awesome, particularly since I think I made them crazy changing my order mid way and then getting my package coast to coast in two days.

Now one link I want to recommend is bridgesonthebody.blogspot.  This amazingly talented seamstress was the motivation for my sewing this corset.  She also organized a sew-along, but I didn't join, having started the project before she started her sew-along.  It is an amazing learning resource.  The pattern I used was hers.

I'm not going to have time to redo this corset, and will have to be happy with it as is.  It does give a nice line but not as tiny a I had hoped, its more the regular me, but like I'm wearing snug jeans.

This was the original pattern.  It was an 8.5 x 11 page.  I enlarged the pattern onto paper then onto muslin.

I left a wide margin to get a fit.

I took the muslin and then transferred it to paper again and was cutting the layers of twill. Should have bought coutil...

The magic  box of goodies from the corset supply house.

Good tools are always essential, this is my Home Depot awl, perfect for installing part of the busk.

This press was a wonderful investment, I could not imagine setting all the 00 grommets by hand with a hammer and tap.

You can see the bumps caused by the stretching.

I will fix the lumpy bits by stitching the fabric flat.

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