Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So the Dress Has Begun....and the Concept has Changed.

The longer I stared at the beautiful beaded white lace I have the less inspired I was to get started with a Titanic era evening gown.  Don't get me wrong the lace is amazing...but it was just not working to get me going.  I realized two things.  I AM completely enamored with beaded gowns, I'm definitely not going for understated elegance....I like the bling!  The other thing was that I seemed to be collecting jpegs of black and cream gowns.  Here are some of those photos:

 So the next set of dresses are heavily beaded (the ones above are moderately beaded ):

So now what?  Well I went to a local thrift shop (we have a ton of them) and bought a hideous 1980's beaded dress.  It is a 2x with minimal damage.  It is beaded black silk.  The material is a little more dense than I had hoped to find.  I was looking for a lighter chiffon or net (like the white lace) but again the budget seamstress in me couldn't resist the price.  Here is the new garment to be dismantled.

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