Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Projects -- the Dreams of Things to Come

I have a huge list this next year of things to sew. Not sure how much I'll get done but with house repairs to my 110 year old crack house winding down it should free up some time.

18th century stays are the first project after the try at Steampunk for the Edwardian Ball in late January.  Since this is a first try I decided not to break the bank fabric wise.  I bought an embroidered faux silk (e.g. some mystery poly fabric), super strong canvas since I can't get coutille locally, and some cotton that I had already for the liner.

I'm using a Butterick pattern and trying out one with a front lacing because I so often have to dress myself this just may be easier in the long run.  I will also purchase a grommet setter and order corset grommets because I just love grommets so much.  Actually it is because I'm lazy and don't want to do all the eyelets by hand.

I will order patterns from J.P. Ryan for the pocket hoops and for the dress, although I plan to use a silk wedding dress and redo it eventually.  I may do a first attempt using a cheaper fabric.

The rest of the list includes:

* First attempt at Steampunk-ish outfit
* Regency stays.
* Regency dress (have a wonderful raw silk sari from India to use)
* 1870's outfit

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