Sunday, December 19, 2010

A late venture into blogging --

After several failed attempts to post a blog about my sewing adventures I have finally gotten it together enough to put Tfirah together.  I have been an amateur costumer for years.  Trial and error, a love of history, and long held interest in vampires that predated the current Twilight/True Blood phenomenon have lead me to create some fun garments. 

On this blog I’ll share most of my creations as well as try to share sewing projects as I muddle through  some new more complicated garments projects.  Lucky for me and the rest of the San Francisco Bay costumers, there are always events one can wear one’s creations to.  Then of course there is The City, where you could walk around in costume any day of the week and no one would throw you a second look – except of course the tourists…then you’ll be photographed.

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