Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fake Hair - The Beauty of It All!

I have medium lengthy out of control curly hair.  I used to have a whole lot of thick hair and the process of aging has not been now I have medium length much thinner out of control hair.

For years I've worn wigs, and especially for Victorian costuming I've used hair pieces to create up-do braided styles.  I've saved shedding hair to make my own hair rats (no they don't have paws and a tail) but I've never used clip in extensions as they never see to be something that would work with my hair texture. I can find wavy ones, and I can find for the African Ancestry community but not for my I just don't use them...

....until now.

The price of wigs for cosplay and extensions on eBay has come down tremendously. For less than 11 dollars I was able to get a set of wavy clip in extensions that matched my hair well.  These were crazy long, the longest I could find at the cheap end of the clip in hair (in the U.S. as I didn't have time to order from China).  After several YouTube tutorials watching high maintenance trophy wife types walk viewers through the steps I got the gist.  My natural hair was an odd mix of the bottom being flat ironed and the top remaining curly, which worked well with the accessory crown I had built for Ren Faire.  Since the hair was for Ren Faire on the Halloween festivity weekend I decided to play with some ridiculous filters.  Here is the MASSIVE HAIR test run:

 My family laughed at me because I sat around petting my new clip
                        on hair as though it was a new

 Here the top was more smoothed out, but for Ren Faire I actually left the top pretty curly which helped the crown stay on.

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