Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oh Sew Many Projects...

I have been MIA for months but I have been sewing...really...but what I haven't been keeping up on are the posts and sharing projects.  I ended the year not getting to so many things I wanted to do.  I also am trying to do a 12-step fabric program....this was a decision I came to trying to organize my sewing room/spare room/public storage locker(not really but it ends up being a store room).....too much stuff...way way too much stuff.  However, like any seamstress, getting rid of anything is painful.

A quick peek at some of the things I've been doing:
 ...and the hat keeps time!  It actually works :-)

I've also done several commissioned pieces for children, non-costume sewing projects, and now I'm also working on my Steampunk dinner party project for this summer.  You can view the tutorial on how to make a fun chair covering and the story of the chair below here:


  1. I know it have been a while since the last update but I nominated you for the Liebster award.You'll find all the detail on my blog

  2. I wonder why a wonderfull blog like this one is stop updating :(

    Your fellow sewing/tailoring blogger

  3. Thank got busy but I do hope to get back to it soon!