Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Quick 'n Dirty $4 1880s Duct Tape Hat

I haven't posted in a while because I got bogged down with life which impeded my sewing, then I stagnated...my fault entirely.  I'm trying to get motivated.  So many projects and so little time -- or in another way, tickets to the ball in hand and no dress...sigh.

Months ago I worked on the Book Cover Dress and literally at the last minute crafted a hat.  I called that project my "quick 'n dirty" project because it is pure theater, very little craftsmanship and lots of hot glue.  Now since I do costumes and do not reproduce clothing, I was happy with the outcome which at least on the outside was fab.  Here is the breakdown of the cost:

$3.99  Thrift store fedora, new with the tag still on it.
$1.50  Small bit of discount fabric store fabric
$0       Feathers from the stash.
$0       Ribbon from the stash
$0       Duct tape, hot glue/gun, and all the bits to put it together (already in hand).

Total:  aprox. $5.50 - not bad when starting with a four dollar thrift store hat.


Tall and fabulous!

First I began by using a sharpie and marking the hat, estimating where I wanted the slope and giving me a line to cut out the front portion because the angle was not good for a Victorian-ish reproduction.

Here you can see the slope I decided on.

I then added strips of duct tape both horizontally and perpendicularly to shape the slope that I wanted.  I don't have a picture of the next steps in which I took a round piece of cardboard and hot glued it on the top to give me a flat hard surface to work with and to make sure I didn't have sag on the hat top.  I then had a long rectangular piece of fabric which I eased and pleated around the brim.  This was folded to cover the lower brim and tucked into the inside top of hat.  On the outside I snipped tabs to lay flat on the side of the hat body.  once that was pinned, glued, and tacked with a needle and thread I covered the round top with fabric which had tabs hanging over the edge.  Finally I used a rectangular piece of fabric with the edges folded over and ran it around the had body.  I sewed the top edge with a needle and thread but hot glued the lower and back seam.  Then I played for a while trimming the hat out with stuff I already had and using pictures of 1880s hats as guides.

Although not perfect it worked with the outfit.  I'm not thrilled that the peacock feathers decided to lean opposite the other feathers.  I probably will fix that before the next time I wear the hat.  One day when I have time (hear hysterical laughter in the background) I may make a real hat.

I had been horribly ill right before this event, and apparently it showed, I really do have lips..lol.  I am not normally this pale although for some costuming I wish I was.  Enjoy the Duct Tape Hat...

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