Tuesday, January 29, 2013


2013 is the year I hope to get to fixing a lot of different items.  I ripped the crochet lace on one of my favorite antique petticoats, there is antique muslin to patch, beads to fix, lace to repair, and on and on.

I have many antique pieces that need some TLC.  These are bits collected over the years.  Usually scored at unusual places for small bits of money with a large enthusiasm for history...and "a plan."  Of course we all have "plans" that is how we end up with fabric stashes, mountains of trimmings, and every sewing notion known to man -- or woman.

I have big ambitions for this year.  We will have to see eleven months and one week from now to see what really happens.

I am not going to outline all these small projects now, there are too many. I have made a committment not to bring new projects into the house this year.  As I dig through boxes in my bold attempt to organize my fabric stashes, my "to get to projects", in my remaking antique clothing too damaged to save "as is," I will post my challenges, endeavors, successes and failures...I say "failures" because I do believe my goal list is a bit challenging, even for the most organized.  I'm not organized, work full time, have a family, and have a household to manage...

...so we will see what comes to fruition this year -- wish me well.

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