Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year - New Projects: DYEING AND MOURNING

I have always wanted a black mourning gown, and I wanted a silk one at that.  I have over the years purchased very inexpensive silk wedding gowns for their fabric.  However, one tires of always wearing ivory or white so I will be venturing into dyeing the fabric.  This will involve what is called acid dyeing but the acid part is really all about adding an acidic component to the dye like citric acid or white vinegar.

I also want to focus on the Natural Form Victorian period.  The dresses were often trained and worn closer to the body.  I found this free pattern online which looks a lot like one of the back of the dress below:

I plan to use one of the Truly Victorian patterns as a starting point for the bodice but it will need to be considerably changed (polinaise pattern to a fitted bodice pattern).  I will also drape a petticoat and maybe create bottom and hip pads to get a better hourglass shape without having to tight lace like crazy.

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