Friday, September 14, 2012

Something Really Different for Me...

This past summer there was a "Spirit of '45" event celebrating WWII vets and history.  Living history military enthusiasts set up camp, a big band played and the "Andrew Sisters" sang.  I ventured out to connect with others from my costumer's guild...but this is not a time period I ever dress for so it was an adventure into something new.

First I spent a bit of time looking at old photographs and fashion photos on Google.  Then a few 1940's hair tutorials on youtube.  One of the best was a young African American woman putting her hair up in an updo.  My hair is really really curly and gets really nappy and isn't conducive to some sleek period hair without a lot of ironing and fussing with.  Then off to my closet -- this was a study in successive approximation.  I looked for things that had the flavor of the 40s....a pencil skirt, a white ruffled work shirt, my salsa dancing shoes. Then off to the vintage stash, gloves and purse.  Some basic pearl earrings and bright lipstick....alas no seamed hose, sometimes I have them in the hose drawer and sometimes not....this go.

So I threw this together the best I could and here is a photo:

I was lucky enough to be offered a photo in this wonderful car!  Wish it was mine!!

Here is another beautiful car I wouldn't mind driving.

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