Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tools to Invest In - Sometimes It's Good to Have Tools

This is a short post to share my love of tools.  Having the right tools is not only the right thing for men, it is great for creative women (or men) - ok...don't burn me for being sexist or stereotyping...I have a garage full of tools and build furniture as well as sew costumes....

One of the things I have found most necessary for making Ren Faire vests as well as other things, although you will not find any of these "00" grommets on any of my Victorian clothing, is a real grommet press.  The tool that weighs enough that you don't want to be dropping it on your toes or the floor .  The press sets grommets beautifully, a press is not cheap but I will NEVER go back to the hand method of setting grommets, especially for corset making.  If you sew your own corsets, make Ren Faire cloths, steampunk wearables, etc...buy a grommet press. 

At this point I don't have a recommendation because mine was discontinued a long time ago.  It was not a professional one, and I know there are companies that make them for hobbyist use.

The other must haves are a rubber mallet and the leather punch for cutting the holes in fabric to put your grommets into.  Mine came from a big box craft store (punch), mallet from big box hardware store.  Don't forget to put something on your work surface when punching - I use an old plastic-ish cutting board from the big flat pack store.

The right tools are awesome time saving, stress reducing goodies.  Happy sewing!

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