Saturday, January 5, 2019 has been a long, long, long time.

I have been on a years long break from this blog - there have been some sewing projects but not many.  This year, 2019, I am hoping to update the few projects I have worked on, many without success, and document the projects I hope to achieve for this year.  The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild has some events that I want to attend as well as a goal to attend Dickens Fair at the end of the year.  The the wicked results of time and gravity have not been kind, I need new costumes...nothing is not even a matter of nothing fitting well...there is no tight lacing that will the machines must come alive to battle the effects of time!  (The dramatics is a way overcome the reality that I've gotten chubby and can't zip, tie, or button anything up

For those who are interested:   is the Guild address, they have a great "pattern review."   if you are ever in the SF Bay area between Thanksgiving and Christmas it is a "must do once" -- if you come without children then you must try to score free "French Postcard" tickets, but be aware it is an adult only show. then of course there is Faire.  I have done some sewing for Faire and will update it here.

Looking forward to a New Year full of threads and thimbles, and being a child at heart...
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