Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Aunt Inez Dress Project: MORE PATCHING!

September 7th - today I am moving to lining and beading the dress but before I share that portion I have more photos of all the patching.  I had thought I had caught every hole and tear I was going to patch but then when I set the lining I saw more...ugh.  The big project change change was that I decided to pull off the grosgrain ribbon at the shoulders on both the front and back.  I'm still not sure how I will make the top look nice but I'll figure it out as I go.  Here are more pics:

 (Above) I did the burn test on the grosgrain and it appears to be silk ribbon.  I decided to remove it on all four shoulder points to reduce the bulk when I possibly covered the shoulders to hide the ugly bits.  That meant that on all four shoulder points I had to remove and stabilize with the new black silk.

 (Above)  There were lots of good beads to scavenge and I made sure to get every little seed bead.

 (Above) Apparently at one time the dress had a side shoulder opening as well as the side bodice opening.  The front had torn away and had at some point become stitched into the back of the dress (below).  I saved the vintage snaps, they are kind of cool.

(Above)  I had removed some of the beading to be able to get a good repair in.  I will re-bead the area.

Oh, and although not 1920's I wanted to share another wonderful pair of shoes from American Duchess -- I'm a bit of a fan!  Check out her new "Claremont" Oxfords....oooooh....I know I want a pair:

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