Monday, May 13, 2013

Part III: Self - Education in Corset Making or "I think I always do things the hard way."


I will add a number of photos and thoughts soon but I thought I'd share a couple photos.  What a long way around to a great fit!

This was the original finished corset which obviously did horrible things to my bust.  I was able to fix it by adding another gusset, but that was a lot of work and even then (now that I've worn the corset with a costume) it still flattens the bustline more than I would like.

Here is the added gusset.  There was so much hand work that I do not think I would do a project like this quite this way again.
My fingers were so sore going through all the material and my thimble wouldn't stay on that I wrapped my finger with duct tape!  It worked wonders.

I did so much hand sewing that I snapped the fine needle in half!  Ug.

My final thoughts is next time -- get a pattern!  Also coutil, you really must have the fabric to do this well.  And finally make sure you build leeway into the sizing.  I seem to have lost some winter weight and I can lace the waist (not bust ) all the way closed now.  I should have cut the corset waist down even smaller.  I get a great reduction but I could have gone smaller!!  Having a corset fitted just for you makes the BIGGEST difference in the world.  Wore it for the first time for several hours and had no pain or discomfort, it was amazing!

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