Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Test Run of the Dress

GBACG Last Dinner on the Titanic Event...two days away:  I think I say this every time...only a few days before the event and I'm still sewing.  No matter how early I start, no matter how I promise myself that this will never happen does.  I'm annoyed.  I'm also not particularly happy with the project.  The over-skirt is too short, the side opening which was not initially planned needs to be closed up a bit, the lower skirt is too wide and the whole skirt portion of the dress should have been more fitted.  72 hours before the party there is no fixing the big issues.

There has been considerably more hand sewing than I imagined there would be.  The beading repair has also taken me twice as long as expected.  I have a new respect for the poor girls in the sweatshops turning out couture bead work.  I also had gained so much weight this winter that the dress hardly fit.  I have back cleavage, which some corset aficionados find rather sexy....I however, do not.  I've been on a serious diet the last week to see if I can deflate a bit and get back to my pre winter-bear weight.  Here are some photos of the unfinished dress in a test run.  I chopped parts of me off because, frankly it was a bad hair, no makeup day and I just wasn't in the mood for sharing....


  1. You're being too harsh on yourself, it looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks Jo...I posted a new page of the event and the completely finished dress. The corset was key to getting the dress to lay right...although I have to shorted the top of the front just a bit to fit a little more comfortable. Thanks for providing the pattern for it, couldn't have done it without your corset challenge.