Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July Sashes with Cockades:

Our local neighborhood has a old-timey 4th of July parade.  A mixed bag of costumers is getting together to walk in various costumes.  We have watched the parade in the past but not participated, this year we are walking.  To add to the "Rose, White, and Blue" theme (as this is the Rosegarden District) I am making sashes with cockades.  These are made of cotton quilting fabrics that are seasonal and a left over fabric stash fabric.

The brilliant thing about this is that I have discovered an excellent tool -- my orthopedic back roll, you know, the three foot or so long Styrofoam roll that you stretch your back over.  Turns out it is great for making cockades and it is tall so you can sit with it between your legs on a stool and not have to slouch or kick back on the couch and have a good work surface at an it!

Unfortunately my petticoat showed.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victorian "Calling Cards" - a Networking Solution:

As I started to network with other costumers I was handed Victorian-like personal contact cards.  These really were not business cards but rather "contact" cards to facilitate connections through blogs, emails and of course Facebook.  Wearing costumes does not always allow for a concealed cell phone let alone a pad and paper.  These cards discreetly tucked away can be left with others to share contact information.

I thought about buying pre-made cards online.  You know, the "free cards" just pay shipping....then decided to venture out on my own.  I own a simple printer, have rotting scrapbooking equipment (think small paper cutter), free clip art is abundant, I know how to navigate Publisher, and Michael's had a sale on cardstock.  With my $2 worth  of cardstock and a couple false graphic starts I produced:

Of course here was a learning curve with this.  My no-frills printer apparently doesn't do a great job on pearly paper. I had much better luck printing on the matte sides of the mauve and ivory textured paper.

These papers had a pearly textured finish which is now the back of the cards.  This worked out ok.

This paper had a lovely printed matte side and a pearly ivory finish which I printed on.  My printer did not like the pearl finish but I do like the design on the back.  I kept it simple, my name and the name of my Facebook page.  So now I'm connected -- 19th Century style!